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Free Access to 20 Selected Articles

Join us in celebrating over 60 years of the journal Die Welt des Islams with this collection of articles from the journal archive, specially selected by Editor Rainer Brunner. These articles will remain free access until December 31st 2021. No need to sign up for an account.

Happy reading!


60 Years of Die Welt des Islams
Special article selection

Vol. 4:2-3 - Sylvia G. Haim
Islam and the Theory of Arab Nationalism

Vol. 8:3 - Erwin Gräf
Religiöse Und Rechtliche Vorstellungen Über Kriegsgefangene in Islam Und Christentum

Vol. 12:1 - Emel Sonmez
Turkish Women in Turkish Literature of the 19Th Century

Vol. 16:1-4 - Josef Van Ess
Libanesische Miszellen

Vol. 17:1-4 - Gert J.J. De Vries and Rudolph Peters
Apostasy in Islam

Vol. 21:1-4 - Klaus Kreiser
Der Japanische Sieg Über Russland (1905) Und Sein Echo Unter Den Muslimen

Vol. 22:1-4 - Rotraud Wielandt
Zeitgenössische Ägyptische Stimmen Zur Säkularisierungsproblematik

Vol. 25:1-4 - Stefan Wild
National Socialism in the Arab Near East Between 1933 and 1939

Vol. 31:1 - Sadik J. Al-Azm
The Importance of Being Earnest About Salman Rushdie

Vol. 34:1 - Miriam Cooke
Zaynab Al-Ghazali: Saint or Subversive?

Vol. 37:3 - Werner Ende
The Nakhāwila, a Shiite Community in Medina

Vol. 38:2 - Martin van Bruinessen
Studies of Sufism and the Sufi Orders in Indonesia

Vol. 42:1 - Birgit Krawietz
Cut And Paste In Legal Rules: Designing Islamic Norms With Talfīq

Vol. 43:3 - Butrus Abu-Manneh
Salafiyya And The Rise Of The Khālidiyya In Baghdad In The Early Nineteenth Century

Vol. 49:1 - Michael Kemper
The Soviet Discourse on the Origin and Class Character of Islam, 1923-1933

Vol. 49:2 - Martin Riexinger
Responses of South Asian Muslims to the Theory of Evolution

Vol. 50:3 - Cloé Drieu
Cinema, Local Power and the Central State: Agencies in Early Anti-Religious Propaganda in Uzbekistan

Vol. 55:2 - Elvire Corboz
Khomeini in Najaf: The Religious and Political Leadership of an Exiled Ayatollah

Vol. 56:3-4 - Hamit Bozarslan
The Ottomanism of the Non-Turkish Groups: The Arabs and the Kurds after 1908

Vol 59:1 - Leor Halevi
Is China a House of Islam? Chinese Questions, Arabic Answers, and the Translation of Salafism from Cairo to Canton, 1930-1932

Free Access Collection

Die Welt des Islams
International Journal for the Study of Modern Islam
Editor: Rainer Brunner

Die Welt des Islams focuses on the history, religion and culture of Muslim societies across the world from the eighteenth century to the present. The peer-reviewed journal welcomes contributions in English, French and German from all relevant academic disciplines. Research articles and extensive book reviews offer a broad scholarly view of the field of Islam; in-depth thematic issues are devoted to relevant historical and contemporary problems. 

Originally established in 1913, Die Welt des Islams is found in the world’s major research libraries. By the breadth of its geographical as well as thematic perspectives, the journal is unrivalled in its field and an essential resource for those who wish to stay on top of their discipline.