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Middle East Law and Governance Blog Posts

Middle East Law and Governance
An Interdisciplinary Journal
Editor: Janine A. Clark

Middle East Law and Governance (MELG) is a peer-reviewed venue for scholarly analysis on issues pertaining to governance and social, economic, and ideological transformation in the modern Middle East and North Africa region.

The journal welcomes research that explores the intersection of ideational, legal, societal, economic, and political themes broadly construed. MELG’s interdisciplinary approach is meant to attract scholars from a wide range of disciplines (anthropology, economics, gender studies, history, legal studies, political science, political theory, religious studies, urban studies and so on). We also welcome submissions that deploy conceptually and methodologically novel and alternative approaches. 

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Jordanian Decentralization: What a Policy Process Can Teach Us about Authoritarian Politics

E.J. Karmel, PhD Candidate in Political Science, University of Guelph

21 May 2021

E.J. Karmel discusses the benefits of studying policy making in authoritarian regimes.

Find E.J. on Twitter: @ej_karmel

International Involvement in State-Building and National Liberation

Dana El Kurd, Doha Institute for Graduate Studies

25 March 2021

Dana El Kurd highlights her recent work comparing the cases of Palestine and Iraqi Kurdistan, and the impact of US intervention on state-building trajectories.

Find Dana on Twitter: @danaelkurd

Revolutionizing Religion

Noah Salomon, University of Virginia

25 February 2021

Noah Salomon introduces his recent photo essay and examines what happens to religion when the foundations of a state are shaken at their core.


Can the Light Ever Shine Again? Mobilization, Organizing and Inter-Class Alliance Building in Lebanon

Lara Khattab, Assistant Professor of Political Science at the Department of Politics and International Relations in Mount Allison University

4 November 2021

Lara Khattab explains the challenge behind labor movement formation.

Find Lara on Twitter: @Lara_Khattab

“How should I introduce myself?” Fieldwork and the Value of Tangled Identity

Golrokh Niazi, University of Ottawa

15 December 2021

Golrokh Niazi reflects on the influence of the researcher's intersecting identities and positionality during fieldwork. 


Youth as Agenda-Setters between Donors and Beneficiaries: The Limited Role of Libyan Youth after 2011

Chiara Loschi, Postdoctoral fellow at University of Bologna

8 March 2022

Chiara Loschi discusses how the youth experienced participation in International Organizations and Western-led NGOs in Libya after the Uprisings.

Find Chiara on Twitter: @drkiarastorm

Researching the COVID-19 Pandemic: New Vistas and Data Limitations

Daniel Habib, Johns Hopkins University Graduate 
Naela Elmore, University of Texas, Dallas

2 May 2022

Daniel Habib and Naela Elmore reflects on how state fragility affected a MENA states' policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Find Daniel and Naela on Twitter: @DHabib2000 and @NaelaElmore

How to Think about Jordan’s Geographies Protest

Jillian Schwedler, Professor of Political Science at Hunter College, CUNY, New York

16 August 2022

Find Jillian on Twitter: @drjschwedler

Revisiting Kuwait’s so-called “Tribal Advantage” in 2022

Courtney Freer, Emory University and Andrew Leber, Tulane University

2 December 2022

Find Courtney on Twitter: @courtneyfreer

Cybersecurity and Palestinian Civil Society: Evidence From a Web Scan

Alexei Abrahams, Researcher with the Technology and Social Change Project at Harvard
Etienne Maynier, Technologist at Amnesty International’s Security Lab

10 January 2023

See Alexei's Twitter profile and Professional website.
And Etienne's Mastodon profile and Website

Denial of Health Care as a Tool of Dispossession in Palestine

Yara M. Asi, University of Central Florida

16 February 2023

Find Yara on Twitter: