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Studies in Pragmatics
Editors: Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen, Kerstin Fischer, and Anne Barron

Dedicated to publishing innovative, authoritative monographs and edited collections from all micro-, macro- and meta-pragmatic linguistic perspectives. Rooted in the interdisciplinary spirit of the Journal of Pragmatics, it welcomes not only book proposals from linguistics proper but also pragmatically-oriented proposals from neighboring disciplines such as interactional sociology, language philosophy, communication science, social psychology, cognitive science, and information science. 

Book Series on Pragmatics

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Current Research in the Semantics / Pragmatics Interface
Editors: Klaus von Heusinger and Ken Turner

Focuses on the relationship between semantic and pragmatic theories for a variety of natural language constructions. The boundary between semantics and pragmatics can be drawn in many various ways; the relative benefits of each have given rise to a vivid theoretical dispute in the literature in the last three decades. As a side effect, this variety has produced a certain degree of confusion and absence of purpose in the extant publications on the topic. This series provides a forum where the confusion within the existing literature can be removed and the issues raised by different positions can be discussed with a renewed sense of purpose.


Journals on Pragmatics

Contrastive Pragmatics
A Cross-Disciplinary Journal
Editors: Karin Aijmer, Juliane House, Daniel Z. Kadar, and Hong Liu

Open Access journal that welcomes contributions that compare the use of language forms, realisation of speech acts, forms of interactional behaviour, and evaluative tendencies both across and within linguacultures. It also publishes contributions on the contrastive study of patterns of translation and language teaching. The journal provides a much-needed academic platform for corpus-driven and bottom-up research on language use, and for synergies between pragmatics, translation, intercultural communication, and language learning and teaching. The journal particularly welcomes research on lesser-studied linguacultures. It pays special attention to pragmalinguistics and its interfaces with sociopragmatics, corpus linguistics, grammar, language acquisition, and other areas. 

International Review of Pragmatics
Editor: Piotr Cap

Excellent research in the area of pragmatics and related disciplines pertaining to all aspects of human communication, verbal and non-verbal. IRP publishes full-length original articles, review articles and discussion notes. While subscribing to the general view that all meaning is necessarily contextual, IRP welcomes research reflecting different, often conflicting, views of pragmatics. It is a forum for papers that analyze discourse in its many instantiations (spoken, written; institutional, business, media etc.) through a pragmatic lens, but also for those which consider pragmatics itself a separate discipline defined by specific objects of investigation (deixis, implicature, etc.).