Join us in celebrating 20 years of the European Journal of East Asian Studies. The Editor-in-Chief, Pietro Masina, has specially selected the following articles from the journal archive to share with you.These articles will remain free access until December 31st 2021. No need to sign up for an account. 

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20 Years of European Journal of East Asian Studies
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Issue 13.2
Philippe Régnier


Christian Henriot
The Great Spoliation

Jonathan J. Howlett
Accelerated Transiti

Christian Henriot
The Socialist Transformation of Funeral Companies in Shanghai (1949–1957)

Xiaohong Xiao-Planes 
‘Buy 20 Years’

Zhengqing Chen
Socialist Transformation and the Demise of Private Entrepreneurs

Jin Zhao
‘A Helpless Choice’

Xiaocai Feng
Between Class Struggle and Family Loyalty

Laura De Giorgi
Communication Technology and Mass Propaganda in Republican China

Issue 17.1
Philippe Régnier


Sebastien Moretti
Keeping Up Appearances

Elisa Fornalé
ASEAN People-to-People Connectivity

Anja K. Franck, Emanuelle Brandström Arellano, and Joseph Trawicki Anderson - Navigating Migrant Trajectories through Private Actors

Flavia Jurje and Sandra Lavenex
Mobility Norms in Free Trade Agreements

Nicola Piper, Stefan Rother, and Jürgen Rüland
Challenging State Sovereignty in the Age of Migration

Julian Schwabe
The Impact of Severe Air Pollution in January 2013 in Beijing on Sustained Elevation of Public Environmental Concern

Eszter Lukács and Katalin Völgyi
Mega-FTAs in the Asia-Pacific Region

Issue 17.2
Philippe Régnier


Dennis Arnold and Stephen Campbell
Capitalist Trajectories in Mekong Southeast Asia

Geoffrey Aung
Postcolonial Capitalism and the Politics of Dispossession

James Alan Brown
Laos’s Peripheral Centrality in Southeast Asia

Stephen Campbell
Migrant Waste Collectors in Thailand’s Informal Economy

Pietro P. Masina and Michela Cerimele
Patterns of Industrialisation and the State of Industrial Labour in Post-WTO-Accession Vietnam

Jinyoung Park
Corporatist Institutions and Militant Actions


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European Journal of East Asian Studies
Editor: Pietro P. Masina

The European Journal of East Asian Studies is a global scholarly journal specializing in post-1945 East Asian studies, with a focus on East Asia’s socio-economic development, regional affairs and external relations. The journal’s central objective is to promote interdisciplinary contributions in social sciences for a better conceptual and empirical analysis of East Asia’s recent and current evolution, at infra- and supra-national levels, including the knowledge of local dimensions. Contributors are invited to cross-combine disciplines such as anthropology, geography, history, economics, political science, psychology, and sociology. They can be also inspired by domains of study such as cultural studies, international development, foreign affairs, global studies, public policy, corporate affairs and management, etc. 

An additional objective is to encourage and welcome, from the region and outside, original articles suggesting new approaches, research methods and contents in area studies, as applied to 21st century East Asia, and also as a possible redefinition or revisiting of classical Asian and regional studies. Articles can address the wider East Asian region, or sub-regions such as ASEAN/Southeast Asia, and individual countries or groups of countries. Oceania and the South Pacific are not covered in this journal. 

Articles for publication in European Journal of East Asian Studies can be submitted online through Editorial Manager.