Join us in celebrating 20 years of African and Asian Studies. The Editor-in-Chief, Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo, has specially selected the following articles from the journal archive to share with you.These articles will remain free access until December 31st 2021. No need to sign up for an account. 

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20 Years of African and Asian Studies
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(1) Modeling Ethnic Protest: The Case of the Middle East and Central Asia, by  Emile Sahliyeh, Sangeeta Sinha, and Vijayan Pillai
2002 Volume 1, Issue 1.

(2) Transformation of ECOWAS as a Security Apparatus and Its Implications in Ghana's Political Orientation, 1990-2000, by Joshua Dapaah-Agyemang
2003 Volume 2, Issue 1.

(3) Distance Learning and Virtual Education for Higher Education in Africa: Evaluation of Options and Strategies, by Stanley Moyo
2003 Volume 2, Issue 4

(4) Cultures of Political Recycling and Conflict Resolution in Japan: Any Lessons for Africa?, by  Seifudein Adem
2004 Volume 3, Issue 1.

(5) The Transformation of Race Relations in Malaysia: From Ethnic Discourse to National Imagery, (1993-2003), by  Raymond L.M. Lee
2004 Volume 3, Issue 2.

(6) A Study on the Outline History of the Household Responsibility System in Rural China Since 1949: The Organizations, Institutions, and Their Changes, by  Feng Kaiwen
2004 Volume 3, Issue 3-4.

(7) The African National Congress' Economic and Social Policy Changes in South Africa (1994-2004): Another African Straightjacket Independence?, by Mueni wa Muiu
2004 Volume 3, Issue 3-4.

(8)  State, Constitutionalism, and the Management of Ethnicity in Africa, by Eghosa Osaghae
2005 Volume 4, Issue 1-2

(9) Protest as Community Revival: Folk Religion in a Taiwanese Anti-Pollution Movement, by  Ming-sho Ho
2005 Volume 4, Issue 3.

(10) Japan and Africa, by Jun Morikawa
2005 Volume 4, Issue 4.

(11) The African Diaspora in Asia: Historical Gleaning, by Jean-Pierre Angenot and Shihan de Silva Jayasuriya
2006 Volume 5, Issue 3.

(12) Gendering Border Spaces: Impact of Open Border Policy Between Cambodia-Thailand on Small-scale Women Fish Traders, by Prak Sereyvath, Kyoko Kusakabe, Ubolratana Suntornratana, and Napaporn Sriputinibondh
2008  Volume 7, Issue 1.

(13) China-Africa Relations: A Neo-Imperialism or a Neo-Colonialism? A Reflection, by Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo
2011 Volume 10, Issue 2-3.

(14) The Question of the Future of Indian Muslims in Malaysia: The Post-Mahathir Legacy Era, by Ahmad Noor Sulastry Yurni
2012 Volume 11, Issue 1-2.

(15) The Informal Sector as a Catalyst for Employment Generation in Lagos State, Nigeria, by  Akeem Ayofe Akinwale
2012 Volume 11, Issue 3.

(16) The Small Powers in World Politics: Contours of an African-Asian Critical Realism , by Pak Nung Wong and George Klay Kieh
2014 Volume 13, Issue 1-2.

(17) Korea’s Soft Power as an Alternative Approach to Africa in Development Cooperation : Beyond Economic Interest-led Perspectives of Korea-Africa Relations, by Kyu-Deug Hwang
2014 Volume 13, Issue 3.

(18) Leadership of University Women for Development in the Democratic Republic of Congo: A Critical Reflection, by Jacqueline Nembe Songu Luhahi
2015 Volume 14, Issue 3.

(19) Ghana-Korea Economic Relations – The Record after 40 Years and the Future, by Lloyd G. Adu Amoah and Kwasi Asante
2019 Volume 18, Issue 1-2.

(20) Innovation-Supporting Effect of Government Versus Private Venture Capital: Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies, by  Xiaohui Tao and Yang Li
2020 Volume 19, Issue 3.

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African and Asian Studies
Editor: Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo

The journal presents a scholarly account of studies of individuals and societies in Africa and Asia. Its scope is to publish original research by social scientists in the area of anthropology, sociology, history, political science and related social sciences about African and Asian societies and cultures and their relationships. 

The journal focuses on problems and possibilities, past and future. Where possible, comparisons are made between countries and continents. Articles should be based on original research and can be co-authored. 
From 1966 to 2001 African and Asian Studies was published under the name of Journal of African and Asian Studies

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