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Disquisitions and Disputations
Editor: Dire Tladi
Fourth Edition
J. Ashley Roach
Liber Amicorum Nico Schrijver
Editors: Niels M. Blokker, Daniëlla Dam-de Jong, and Vid Prislan


Editors: Ivano Alogna, Christine Bakker, and
Jean-Pierre Gauci
Editors: Cory H. Kent, Shaheeza Lalani,
Georgios Petrochilos, and Andreas R. Ziegler
Re-Thinking the Relationship between International Trade and Environmental Law
Elena Cima

The International Law Weekend 2021 is going virtual, and so are we! We are pleased to invite you to have a closer look at our selection of titles and profit from the conference discount. The discount is only valid for individuals ordering directly through Brill. No further discounts or ordering channels apply.

As always, you are invited to contact Marie Sheldon and Lindy Melman to discuss your publishing plans.

7th Revised Edition
Daphné Richemond-Barak