Pride Month 2021

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In honor of Pride Month, we are pleased to launch our new podcast series Across the Rainbow. In the first episode, Dr. Jayaprakash Mishra shares with us why he chose to examine the emotions of guilt in South Asian families through a queer perspective. The article on which this podcast is based, plus another five journal articles, are freely accessible throughout the month of June. If you are interested in further reading, why not take a look at our selection of book titles, now offered at 50% discount (until July 1).
Journal articles free until 1 July 2021

A selection of books we offer at 50% discount during Pride Month 2021

Editors: Peter Kelly
and Annelies Kamp
Ethics and Responsibilities
Editors: Rose Ann Torres and Dionisio Nyaga
Re-thinking Same-Sex Politics in the Global South
Editors: Ashley Tellis
and Sruti Bala
Exploring the Relationships of Bi+, Polyamorous, Kinky, Ace, Intersex, and Trans People
Editors: Brandy L. Simula,
J.E. Sumerau, and Andrea Miller