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Special Collection - Yiddish in Europe
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The Journal of the European Association for Jewish Studies

Editor in Chief: Marcin Wodziński (University of Wroclaw)
Editors: Katja Smid (CSIC), Bart Wallet (University of Amsterdam)
Book Review Editor: Laura Almagor (University of Sheffield)

The European Journal of Jewish Studies (EJJS) is the Journal of the European Association for Jewish Studies (EAJS). Its main purpose is to publish high-quality research articles, essays and shorter contributions on all aspects of Jewish Studies.
The European Association for Jewish Studies (EAJS), founded in 1981, is a professional association for scholars, teachers, and researchers in Jewish Studies at European institutions of Higher Education and Research, with the principal aim of advancing Jewish Studies in Europe.
The EAJS aims to promote, support, and co-ordinate research and teaching of Jewish Studies at university level in Europe. In that light we are very pleased to offer you a free article collection on Yiddish in Europe.
We hope you enjoy reading the articles.

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Free article collection
EJJS 4(1) (2010): 7–21. doi: 10.1163/187247110X521137.
EJJS 11(2) (2017): 130–147. doi: 10.1163/1872471X-11121090.
EJJS 9(2) (2015): 176–209. doi: 10.1163/1872471X-12341280.
EJJS 15(2) (2021): 256–284. doi: 10.1163/1872471X-bja10007.
EJJS 4(1) (2010): 115–136. doi: 10.1163/187247110X521245.
EJJS 11(2) (2017): 148–173. doi: 10.1163/1872471X-11121029.