European Convention on Human Rights - 70 years
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Editors-in-Chief: Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou, University of Liverpool
and Vassilis P Tzevelekos, University of Liverpool
The first scholarly journal devoted exclusively to the legal regime of the European Convention on Human Rights, offering peer-reviewed, legal scholarship on the protection of fundamental human rights within the ECHR framework and on its implications for other regional human rights regimes. 


Ensuring Minimum Standards of Human Rights Protection
Editors: David Moya and
Georgios Milios


Developing a Contextualized Approach to Address Recurring Problems in the Context of Facts and Evidence
Torsten Stirner
An International Human Rights Analysis
Jeroen Temperman
Between Collective Enforcement of Human Rights and International Dispute Settlement
Isabella Risini

Rethinking the Sword Function of Human Rights Law
Krešimir Kamber
Edited by the Council of Europe/Conseil de l'Europe
The 25 Years since Kokkinakis
Editors: Jeroen Temperman,
T. Jeremy Gunn, and
Malcolm D. Evans
A Case Law Study on Selected Rights
Katharina Häusler
Marking 70 years since the adoption of the European Convention on Human Rights, Brill | Nijhoff is proud to present below some highlights from our publication program on the European system of human rights. 

Please see more selected (backlist) titles on this topic.
A Critical Inquiry into Law and Policy
Editors: Andrzej Jakubowski,
Kristin Hausler, and
Francesca Fiorentini