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More than 30 leading STM publishers have committed to making all of their COVID-19 and coronavirus-related publications immediately accessible. At Brill we have opened up books and articles on topics such as public health, distance learning, crisis research. If any new related content is published with us, it will be added to this collection.

The content on this page will be freely accessible until April 30, 2021.

“The Black Death in Iran, according to Iranian Historical Accounts from the Fourteenth through Fifteenth Centuries”
Authors: Ahmad Fazlinejad and Farajollah Ahmadi
In: Journal of Persianate Studies
“The Impact of the Black Death on Iranian Trade (1340s-1450s A.D.)”
Authors: Ahmad Fazlinejad and Farajollah Ahmadi
In: Iran and the Caucasus

Epidemics and crisis research past and present
“The Black Death in Russia: Its Effects Upon Urban Labor”
Author: Lawrence N. Langer
In: Russian History

The Effect of Multiple Vectors on Arbovirus Transmission
Author: Cynthia C. Lord
In: Israel Journal of Ecology and Evolution
“The Second Plague Pandemic and Its Recurrences in the Middle East: 1347-1894”
Author: Michael W. Dols
In: Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient

“Medicine in Practice: European Influences on the Ottoman Medical Habitat”
Author: Ebru Boyar
In: Turkish Historical Review

Medizin und Krieg: Deutschland
1914 – 1924

Author: Wolfgang U. Eckart

Illness in Context
Editors: Knut Stene-Johansen and Frederik Tygstrup

“Invisible Environmental History: Infectious Disease in Late Antiquity”
Author: Kyle Harper
In: Environment and Society in the Long Late Antiquity

“Pathology and Epidemics”
Author: Janet Starkey
In: The Scottish Enlightenment Abroad

“The Imminent Threat of Tropical Viruses: Lessons from the 2014 Ebola Outbreak in Africa”
Author: Xiaohui Shen
In: Chinese Research Perspectives on the Environment, Volume 9

“West Africa’s Ebola Pandemic: Toward Effective Multilateral Responses to Health Crises”
Authors: Obinna Franklin Ifediora and Kwesi Aning
In: Global Governance: A Review of Multilateralism and International Organizations

Watch the video here

Strategies for containment
Children's Health and Children's Rights
Editor: Michael Freeman

Cutting Through the Surface: Philosophical Approaches to Bioethics
Editors: Tuija Takala,
Peter Herissone-Kelly and
Søren Holm

“Migration and Health in Asia”
Author: Rachel Safman
In: Asian Journal of Social Science

“IGOs in Crisis? Or New Opportunities to Demonstrate Responsibility?”
Author: Gabrielle Marceau
In: International Organizations Law Review

“The Healthcare Providers-Patients Relationship and State Obligations in Times of Public Health Emergency”
Authors: Gloria C. Nwafor and
Anthony O. Nwafor
In: African Journal of Legal Studies

“Negotiation in an Insecure World”
Author: Bertram Spector
In: International Negotiation

Perspectives on Wellbeing: A Reader
Editors: Sue Vella, Ruth Falzon and Andrew Azzopardi

Building solidarity and resilience in times of crisis
Conceptualizing Friendship in Time and Place
Editors: Carla Risseeuw and
Marlein van Raalte

The Resilience of Hope
Editors: Janette McDonald and
Andrea M. Stephenson

What Happened? Re-presenting Traumas, Uncovering Recoveries
Editors: Elspeth McInnes and
Danielle Schaub

Topography of Trauma: Fissures, Disruptions and Transfigurations
Editors: Danielle Schaub,
Jacqueline Linder, Kori Novak, Stephanie Y. Tam and Claudio Zanini

“Resilience in Post Disaster Societies: From Crisis to Development”
Authors: Caroline Brassard
and Anne Raffin
In: Asian Journal of Social Science

Home-schooling and distance learning
Identity, Learning and Support in Virtual Environments
Editors: Sharon Tettegah
and Cynthia Calongne

Re-imagining the Creative University for the 21st Century
Editors: Tina (A.C.) Besley
and Michael A. Peters

Working and Learning in Times of Uncertainty: Challenges to Adult, Professional and Vocational Education
Editors: Sandra Bohlinger,
Ulrika Haake,
Christian Helms Jørgensen,
Hanna Toiviainen and Andreas Wallo

Forging Solidarity: Popular Education at Work
Editors: Astrid von Kotze and
Shirley Walters

Global Healing
Literature, Advocacy, Care
Author: Karen Laura Thornber

Author in Focus: Karen Thornber, author of the recently published Global Healing, on what narratives teach us about the way we look at illness and healing.
See the interview here.
Littérature et sida, alors et encore
Editors: Alessandro Badin,
Stefano Genetti, Fabio Libasci and Jean-Marie Roulin

When the Analogy Breaks:
Historical References in Flemish News Media at the Onset of the COVID-19 Pandemic
Author: Bram De Ridder
In: Journal of Applied History

Listen to the podcast here

The Second Most Difficult Job in the World: Reflections on covid-19
Author: Jan Klabbers
In: Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies

International Law Perspectives on Cruise Ships and covid-19
Author: Natalie Klein
In: Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies
Un-remembered but Unforgettable: The ‘Spanish Flu’ Pandemic
In: The First World War and Health
Author: Daniel Flecknoe

Permeable Walls: Historical Perspectives on Hospital and Asylum Visiting
Editors: Graham Mooney
and Jonathan Reinarz

Do Civil Liberties Really Matter During Pandemics?
Approaches to Coronavirus
Disease (covid-19)
Author: Conrad Nyamutata
In: International Human Rights Law Review
Statement on the Covid-19 Pandemic and Economic,
Social and Cultural Rights
: Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
In: International Human Rights Law Review

A History of Population Health:
Rise and Fall of Disease in Europe
Author: Johan P. Mackenbach
The covid-19 Crisis: A Challenge for Numeric Comparative Law and Governance
Author: Aurelia Colombi Ciacch
In: European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance

Is International Surrogacy the Lark’s Glimmer?: When Covid-19 Reveals the Legal Insecurity of Surrogacy Use
Authors: Gaëlle Deharo and
Allane Madanamoothoo
In: European Journal of Health Law

International Human Rights Law and the Response to the covid-19 Pandemic
By: Sarah Joseph
In: Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies

Prevent, Respond, Cooperate: States’ Due Diligence Duties vis-à-vis the COVID-19 Pandemic
By: Antonio Coco and Talita de Souza Dias
In: Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies

The Legal Response to Pandemics: The Strengths and Weaknesses of the International Health Regulations
By: Gian Luca Burci
In: Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies

The covid-19 Infodemic and Online Platforms as Intermediary Fiduciaries under International Law
By: Barrie Sander and Nicholas Tsagourias
In: Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies

Apocalypse Now?  Initial Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic for the Governance of Existential and Global Catastrophic Risks
By: Hin-Yan Liu, Kristian Lauta, and Matthijs Maas
In: Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies

COVID-19 and the Role of the Security Council as Global Health Peacekeeper
Author: Boris Kondoch
In: Journal of International Peacekeeping