Archaeology & Material Culture of Ancient Civilizations
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Contacts of Languages and Peoples in the Hittite and Post-Hittite World
Federico GiusfrediValerio Pisaniello and Alvise Matessi
Ancient Languages and Civilizations, 4
The Dragon and the Rainbow
Man’s Oldest Story
Robert Blust
Ancient Languages and Civilizations, 5
Plurilingualism in Traditional Eurasian Scholarship
Thinking in Many Tongues

Edited by Glenn W. MostDagmar Schäfer and Mårten Söderblom Saarela
Ancient Languages and Civilizations, 3
The Religion and Rituals of the Nomads of Pre-Islamic Arabia
A Reconstruction Based on the Safaitic Inscriptions

Ahmad Al-Jallad
Ancient Languages and Civilizations, 1
Songs of the Royal Zhōu and the Royal Shào
Shī 詩 of the Ānhuī University Manuscripts

Dirk Meyer and Adam Craig Schwartz
Ancient Languages and Civilizations, 2
The Pechenegs: Nomads in the Political and Cultural Landscape of Medieval Europe
Aleksander Paroń
East Central and Eastern Europe in the Middle Ages, 450-1450, 74
The Islamic Funerary Inscriptions of Bahrain, Pre-1317 AH/1900 AD
Timothy InsollSalman Almahari and Rachel MacLean
Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 1 The Near and Middle East, 126
Contrastive transformational grammar
Arabic and English

Muhammad Ali-Khuli
Studies in Semitic Languages and Linguistics, 10
The Impact of the Roman Empire on Landscapes
Proceedings of the 14th Workshop of the INIE (Mainz, June 12-15, 2019)

Edited by Marietta Horster and Nikolas Hächler
Impact of Empire, 41
Material Encounters and Indigenous Transformations in the Early Colonial Americas
Archaeological Case Studies

Edited by Corinne Hofman and Floris Keehnen
The Early Americas: History and Culture, 9
Greek Inscriptions on the East Bank
Maria NilssonAdrienn Almásy-Martin and John Ward
The Swedish Expedition to Gebel el-Silsila, 1
Syria's Monuments: their Survival and Destruction
Michael Greenhalgh
Heritage and Identity, 5
Money and Coinage in the Middle Ages
Edited by Rory Naismith
Reading Medieval Sources, 1