Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia
An International Journal of Comparative Studies in History and Archaeology
Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia is an international journal covering such topics as history, archaeology, numismatics, epigraphy, papyrology and the history of material culture.
It discusses art and the history of science and technology, as applied to the Ancient World and relating to the territory of the former Soviet Union, to research undertaken by scholars of the former Soviet Union abroad and to materials in collections in the former Soviet Union. Particular emphasis is given to the Black Sea area, the Caucasus, Asia Minor, Siberia, Central Asia, and the littoral of the Indian Ocean. Find out more.
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Archaeology & Material Culture of Ancient Civilizations

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Acta Archaeologica
Acta Archaeologica, founded in 1930, is the leading scientific international archaeological periodical in Scandinavia. Acta Archaeologica publishes full presentations of important new discoveries, archaeological analyses, and general and interdisciplinary studies with an archaeological basis.
Its primary focus is on Northern European archaeology (including Baltic countries) up to AD 1500, and on European and World themes of particular interest to the archaeology of Northern Europe. Emphasis throughout is on quality, originality of data and well documented and illustrated studies, as well as on methodological issues. Contributions by young scholars are especially welcomed. Learn more.
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Digital Archive of Brief Notes & Iran Review
DABIR: Digital Archive of Brief notes & Iran Review is a peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal that appears in print and online. Publishing two issues per year and focusing on the greater Iranian and Persianate world, DABIR promotes original, thoughtful and cutting-edge research on philology, religion, history, art history, archaeology, linguistics, literature, manuscript studies and numismatics, from Jaxartes to the Mediterranean and from the Sumerian period through to the Safavid era (3500 BCE-1500 CE).
Work dealing with later periods can be considered on request. The journal accepts articles in English, French, German and Persian. DABIR publishes both short and extensive innovative research papers, essays, book reviews and book notes, which analyse and underscore various subjects, as well as recent publications in the field. DABIR has an international diverse and multidisciplinary Editorial, Advisory and Scientific Board consisting of well-known scholars. Find out more.
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A Journal for the Study of Greek Lands under Latin Rule
Frankokratia (Gr. Φραγκοκρατία) is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal committed to publishing original research on all areas of the Greek world where Latin populations from western Europe settled in the aftermath of the crusades. Collectively known as ‘Franks’ in the East irrespective of their exact place of origin, these settlers established shorter- or longer-lived polities on lands formerly belonging to the Byzantine Empire and inhabited by people of the Greek and various Eastern Christian rites, Jews and Muslims.
Although the core focus of the journal lies on the regions conquered in the context of the Third and Fourth Crusades, to embrace the full breadth of this phenomenon the journal’s chronological and geographical scope ranges widely from the conquests of Southern Italy and Antioch in the eleventh century to the fall of the last Venetian colonies in the eighteenth century. Find out more.
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Iran and the Caucasus
Iran and the Caucasus is a peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary journal. Published in four issues per year, the Journal promotes original, innovative, and meticulous research on the history (ancient, mediaeval and modern), culture, linguistics, literature (textology), folklore, social and cultural anthropology, and the political issues of the Irano-Caucasian world.
It is unique in being a scholarly forum in the truest sense of the word on a region of growing importance, and a treasure-trove of information otherwise hard to get at. Discover more.
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