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Brill’s publication program in (Latin) American Studies covers all regions, from North to South America and includes a variety of publications on (North-, Central-, South-) American culture, history, law, linguistics, religion, social sciences, and more.

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Brill's Companions to the Americas
History, Societies, Environments and Cultures

Early American History Series
The American Colonies, 1500-1830
Series Editors: Jaap Jacobs,
Bertrand Van Ruymbeke,
and Louis Roper

The Early Americas: History and Culture
Series Editors: Corinne Hofman
and Maarten Jansen

Gendering the Trans-Pacific World
Diaspora, Empire, and Race
Series Editors: Catherine Ceniza Choy
and Judy Tzu-Chun Wu

Global Southeast Asian Diasporas
Memory, Movement, and Modernities across Hemispheres
Editors: Richard Chu,
Augusto F. Espiritu,
and Mariam Lam

The American Colonies, 1500-1830
Editors-in-Chief: Evan Haefeli,
Jaap Jacobs, Elodie Peyrol-Kleiber,
and Louis H. Roper

The SHAFR Guide Online
An Annotated Bibliography of U.S. Foreign Relations since 1600


The Atlantic World
Europe, Africa and the Americas, 1500-1830
Series Editors: Benjamin Schmidt
and Wim Klooster

Studies in Global Slavery
Series Editors: Damian Alan Pargas
and Jeff Fynn-Paul

Caribbean Series
Series Editor:
Alessandra Benedicty-Kokken

Critical Approaches to Ethnic American Literature
Series Editors: Jesús Benito Sánchez
and Ana María Manzanas

Foro Hispánico
Series Editors: Brigitte Adriaensen, Sebastiaan Faber,
Konstantin Mierau, Dianna Niebylski, Alison Ribeiro de Menezes, and Valeria de los Ríos

Brill's Studies in the Indigenous Languages of the Americas
Editors: David Beck, Mily Crevels,
Hein van der Voort, and
Roberto Zavala

Jewish Latin America
Issues and Methods
Series Editor: Raanan Rein
Editors-in-Chief: Alexandra Chang
and Alice Ming Wai Jim
The Vertical Archive of the Casa de las Américas, Part 2: Writers
The Vertical Archive of the Casa de las Américas, Part 1: “Casa y Cultura”
Government and Church Documents for Sacatepéquez (1587-1991)
Winner of the 2020 Award for Excellence in the Study of Religion: Historical Studies
Aztec Religion and Art of Writing
Investigating Embodied Meaning, Indigenous Semiotics, and the Nahua Sense of Reality
Isabel Laack
In her groundbreaking investigation from the perspective of the aesthetics of religion, Isabel Laack explores the religion and art of writing of the pre-Hispanic Aztecs of Mexico. This book will be essential reading for scholars and readers interested in the history of religions, Mesoamerican studies, and the ancient civilizations of the Americas.
Cuban Culture and Cultural Relations, 1959-
The Vertical Archive of the Casa de las Américas, Part 3: Theater
Cultural Magazines Published by Casa de las Américas, 1960–2009

European Perspectives on the United States
Series Editor: Marek Paryż

Series Editors: Steven Engler,
Henri Gooren, and Cristina Rocha
A Cuban Magazine About Revolution and Culture