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Men, Women and Gender in China

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We are pleased to share with you this special commemorative online collection from NAN NÜ, an interdisciplinary, international, peer-reviewed journal featuring original studies related to men, women, and gender in the fields of Chinese history, literature, linguistics and language, anthropology, archeology, art and music, law, philosophy, medicine/science, and religion.
These 20 articles – one from each volume – have been handpicked by the NAN NÜ editor to illustrate the quality of the research and give you a flavor of the kinds of topics and coverage you will find in NAN NÜ.
Access to these articles will remain free through March 31, 2019.  We invite you to share this link with your colleagues and others who have interest in the topics covered in NAN NÜ.

Volume 1 (1999) At the Beginning: the Status of Women in Neolithic and Shang China*

  • Author: David N. Keightley
  • pp.: 1–63 (63)
Volume 2 (2000) Opium and Sexuality in late Qing Fiction
  • Author: Keith McMahon
  • pp.: 129–179 (51)
Volume 3 (2001) The daughter, the singing-girl, and the seduction of suicide
  • Author: Katherine Carlitz
  • pp.: 22–46 (25)
Volume 4 (2002) Ghost fetuses, false pregnancies, and the parameters of medical uncertainty in classical chinese gynecology
  • Author: Yi-Li Wu
  • pp.: 170–206 (37)
Volume 5 (2003) Visual evidence for the evolution of "politically correct" dress for women in early twentieth century shanghai
  • Author: Ellen Johnston Laing
  • pp.: 69–114 (46)
Volume 6 (2004) Blended Wish Images: Chinese and Western Exemplary Women At The Turn of the Twentieth Century
  • Author: Joan Judge
  • pp.: 102–135 (34)
Volume 7 (2005) Medicine for Women in Early China: A Preliminary Survey
  • Author: Robin D. S. Yates
  • pp.: 127–181 (55)
Volume 8 (2006) Extreme Makeover: Daiyu and Baochai in Two Early Sequels to Honglou Meng
  • Author: Ellen Widmer
  • pp.: 290–315 (26)
Volume 9 (2007) Male Friendship and Jiangxue (Philosophical Debates) in Sixteenth-Century China
  • Author: Martin W. Huang
  • pp.: 146–178 (33)
Volume 10 (2008) Da Zhangfu: The Gendered Rhetoric of Heroism and Equality in Seventeenth-Century Chan Buddhist Discourse Records
  • Author: Beata Grant
  • pp.: 177–211 (35)

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Volume 11 (2009) Writing Emotions: Ritual Innovation as Emotional Expression
  • Author: Maram  Epstein
  • pp.: 155–196 (42)
Volume 12 (2010) Transformations of The Woman Warrior Hua Mulan: From Defender of The Family To Servant of The State
  • Author: Louise Edwards
  • pp.: 175–214 (40)
Volume 13 (2011) Making 'Opposite-sex Love' in Print: Discourse and Discord in Linglong Women's Pictorial Magazine, 1931-1937
  • Author: Gary Wang
  • pp.: 244–347 (104)
Volume 14 (2012) “Going Public”: Portraits of the Empress Dowager Cixi, Circa 1904
  • Author: Cheng-hua Wang
  • pp.: 119–176 (58)
Volume 15 (2013) Marriage and Mourning in Early-Qing Tributes  
  • Author: Allan H. Barr
  • pp.: 137–178 (42)
Volume 16 (2014) Staging Female-initiated Divorce: The Zhu Maichen Story in Twentieth-Century Drama from Opprobrium through Approbation
  • Author: Josh Stenberg
  • pp.: 308–340 (33)
Volume 17 (2015) A Precious Mirror for Governing the Peace: A Primer for Empress Dowager Cixi
  • Author: Ying-kit Chan
  • pp.: 214–244 (31)
Volume 18 (2016) Moral Masculinities: Ethical Self-fashionings of Professional Chinese Men in London
  • Author: Derek Hird
  • pp.: 115–147 (33)
Volume 19 (2017) Women’s Liberation and Anti-Superstition in Wartime Communist Propaganda, 1943-1950
  • Author: Xiaofei Kang
  • pp.: 64–96 (33)
Volume 20 (2018) Ten Chinese Books That Changed Our View of Women’s History
  • Author: Bret Hinsch
  • pp.: 153–167 (15)

Special Anniversary Collection