The Brill Journal Archives Online offer access to over 6,300 volumes of nearly 270 scholarly journals. They consist of two parts, the first covering the 19th and 20th centuries and the second covering the start of the 21st century up to and including 2014

If you want to know exactly what is contained in each collection, please download our complete price list.

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Brill Journal Archives Online


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The Brill Journal Archives Online provide specific benefits to both researchers and librarians:


  • Complete access to all available content of leading academic journals in the humanities, social sciences, international law & human rights and biology & science.
  • A unique historical perspective on research in these fields,which benefits research being carried out today.
  • Full-text search options for the entire archive collection.
  • Responsive design enables a positive user experience on mobile devices.
  • Cost-effective access to the complete history of journals to support research and teaching.
  • Flexible purchasing options are available, including title-by-title licenses.
  • Guarantees perpetual access to all the content in the Brill Journal Archives Online.
  • No platform fees.
  • Save shelf space on archival copies of relevant journals.
  • Data feeds to all major discovery services are provided by Brill, which improve discoverability and usage.
  • Compliant with COUNTER usage statistics.

50% off of the Brill Journal Archives Online: perpetual access to the content of more than 100 academic journals.

To celebrate Brill’s 335 years of academic publishing, we are delighted to offer your library a chance to acquire Part 1 of our journal archives at 50% discount off of list prices for all orders placed with Brill before 21 December 2018. Part 1 of the archive covers the period from volume 1 issue 1 (where available) to the end of 1999. For some Brill journals, the archives go back as far as the 19th century!

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Collection # Titles # Vols EUR US$
BRILL Collection 136 3,564 77,568 91,235
Humanities & Social Sciences Collection 90 2,735 55,408 65,170
International Law & Human Rights Collection 30 341 9,551 11,234
Science Collection 16 488 12,609 14,831
Collection # Titles # Vols EUR US$
BRILL Collection 263 2,732 77,924 91,657
Humanities & Social Sciences Collection 185 1,983 50,580 59,496
International Law & Human Rights Collection 53 541 18,902 22,232
Science Collection 25 208 8,442 9,929

Part 1 (1850 - 1999) - 2018 Pricing

Part 2 (2000 - 2014) - 2018 Pricing

Collections include Open Access materials (not charged).

The Brill Journal Archives Online are hosted on the BrillOnline Books and Journals platform and offer all the features to which our users have grown accustomed:

  • Full-text search
  • Extensive linking and other navigation tools
  • Full text PDF downloads
  • Saving and printing facilities
  • Brill is a CROSSREF member
  • Brill is SHIBBOLETH and COUNTER compliant
  • Brill has a long-term archival and preservation agreement with the Royal Dutch Library (KB) and with Portico (USA)

From 2019, each year we will add archival supplements that include content for a new year, as well as older material from newly acquired journals.This way, you can keep developing your archival access to our journals.

Once pricing for the 2019 collections becomes available later this year, you will be informed about these supplemental options.

For more information about purchase options or to make use of the special end-of-year offer, please contact our Sales department